Behind the Scenes with Condor Hot Cocoa

As the cold weather creeps up, we know that our favorite seasonal go-to beverage is some good old hot chocolate. Fortunate enough, Athens boasts a source for some hot chocolate that will seriously challenge any other you’ve ever had. You know them for their bars, truffles, toffee, macaroons, and other baked sweets. The beans they use for their home made chocolate, prepared in-store, are actually imported from Ecuador. At the bean-to-bar chocolate spot, Condor Chocolates undoubtedly brings you some hot chocolate that means serious business. As if the mention of the warm goodness didn’t already set your cravings, we have a look behind the scenes with Moriah of the preparation in these masterpiece concoctions.


The first step involves filling a mug with about half an inch of sipping chocolate. What is this sipping chocolate, you ask, and where can you get some? It is patterned after Europe, in its thickness, creaminess, and rich flavor–it’s even caffeinated. If this alone spurs your craving, you can indeed get a (small) cup of just the warm sipping chocolate at Condor Chocolates. If you aren’t quite ready for that step yet, you can get familiar with the taste as it serves as the base for the hot chocolate.


The next step is the steaming of the milk.


Next, Moriah added the steamed milk to the mug with the sipping chocolate in small doses, stirring after each addition to ensure that it is both properly mixed and also consistently integrated with the thicker chocolate base.


The final contents of the milk are poured into the mug to fill the rest.


To add some seasonal flavors, Moriah then adds some peppermint bits to the top. Then it is time to finish it off with the marshmallow musts. The marshmallows are also homemade in store, as if you needed another reason for your homemade drinks to feel inferior.


Alas, the beautiful creation is completed and awaiting some serious sips–or chugging–because you will find it irresistible. We promise from experience. img_7029

Now, we know at the end of the day, you will probably really struggle to replicate this goodness in your kitchen. The good news? You can buy some powder to take home and generate a delicious blend whenever your chocolate holiday cravings call. Co-Owner Peter Dale reminds us, when making at home, to “continue whisking your milk when heating”. The remnants of burnt milk is no desirable smell or feature to your pans.

If you aren’t feeling the call to the kitchen yourself, you can regular some stops to Condor Chocolates, located at Five Points, grab a drink, and probably walk out with some more chocolate goodness. Find great hostess gifts for holiday parties (we all know chocolate is something everyone can agree on), chocolate syrup (great for chocolate milk and the kids!), or any number of holiday treats. Happy sipping!

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