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Coach Bob Knight, Book Event - March 7th at the UGA Bookstore


Coach Bob Knight, Book Event - March 7th at the UGA Bookstore

Coach Bob Knight, Book Event
Thursday, March 7th from 3:00pm to 5:00pm at the UGA Bookstore

Dennelle Catlett, PR Specialist
646-753-5773 |

“Brightly anecdotal. Legendary college-basketball coach Knight sings the praises of negativity [in] a quick, negative-to-achieve manifesto.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Bob Knight is one of the most gifted coaches of all time. Over the years he has taught me a great deal and now he shares his wisdom and strategies for success in this wonderful book. Believe me, you will get many positive results from reading it and practicing what he preaches.”
—Coach Mike Krzyzewski, Duke University, best-selling author of Beyond Basketball and Leading with the Heart

One of the greatest coaches of all time makes the argument for realistic preparation—in sports and in life—as an antidote to thoughtless optimism and wishful thinking

An Unconventional Approach to Achieving Postitive Results
By Bob Knight with Bob Hammel
On-Sale: March 5, 2013

In college basketball, the name Bob Knight is synonymous with greatness and winning. In THE POWER OF NEGATIVE THINKING: An Unconventional Approach to Achieving Positive Results (Amazon Publishing / New Harvest; on-sale March 5; $25.00 hardcover / $9.99 digital list price), Coach Knight credits his success to being prepared for the worst possible outcome, and reveals his strategies for application on the court and off.

In an inspirational and entertaining rebuttal to Normal Vincent Peale’s classic bestseller, Coach Knights explains why “negative thinking” will actually produce more positive results in sports and daily life than the widely accepted practice of keeping an optimistic perspective.

“More games have been lost to overconfidence than to worry,” says Coach Knight. “Being alert to the possible negatives of any situation is the best way to bring about positive results. Ignoring or failing to spot potential hazards in advance makes failure all the more likely.”

The second-winningest coach in NCAA history, Coach Knight unravels the philosophy that left him with 902 victories, 3 NCAA championships, 11 Big Ten championships, an Olympics championship, and 5 National Coach of the Year awards, as well as a near perfect graduation rate for his players. Using fascinating behind-the-scenes anecdotes from his long career to convey the power of negative thinking in sports, business, and life, Coach Knight may ruffle a few feathers—but we wouldn’t expect any less.

BOB KNIGHT compiled one of the greatest records ever in college basketball. Currently a featured commentator for ESPN’s college basketball coverage, he appears on camera at least once a week. His first book, Knight: My Story, spent five weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. BOB HAMMEL is the coauthor of both books.

THE POWER OF NEGATIVE THINKING by Bob Knight with Bob Hammel
On-sale: March 5, 2013 | Hardcover | 240 pages
Price: $25.00| ISBN: 978-0-544-02771-8
Digital List Price: $9.99 | ASIN: B009RRHTM4
Also available on Audio

Contact Dennelle Catlett at 646-753-5773 or

The Ten Commandments of Negative Thinking

“I don’t mean to be so bold as to line up God on the side of negative thinking,” says Coach Knight. “But have you ever realized that seven of the Ten Commandments start with thou shalt NOT?”

Here are Ten Commandments from the Coach himself:

I. Don’t accept status quo. Look for better when others are satisfied.

II. Always question.

III. Always worry. If you can’t think of a thing to be worried about, worry about being overconfident.

IV. Look for improvements to make in yourself, or bad habits to break. Don’t drink to excess or smoke at all, given the proven cancer risks.

V. Don’t act without evidence, or buy something without checking thoroughly; and before job interviews, eliminate all possible reasons not to be hired.

VI. Be skeptical—untrusting. In every theory, look for proof. Verify as President Reagan said.

VII. Make your players or employees work to get better—encourage them, challenge them, maybe even inspire them to do it, but make it clear that “same old, same old” is NOT acceptable. When they’re saying “The boss is never satisfied,” count it as a compliment. (I heard that one of my players once said, ‘He’ll never be satisfied until we hit every shot and shut the other team out.’ He didn’t know me well enough. They better all be A+ students too.)

VIII. Never think talent alone will determine the outcome, whether it’s your side versus the other side in a game or a competitive deal. Plan and train so that your side makes less mistakes.

IX. Never talk too much. Get yourself a degree from “Shut Up School” and remember it when talking about your competitors whether they’re a sports team or a sales team. Self-promotion and gloating never have a place; let your products or your teammates do the talking by winning the contest. I hate it when a coach or a player guarantees a victory—before a big game. That’s an incentive to the other side.

X. Never stop looking for new ideas. Be self-critical of your own beliefs when others offer possible alternatives. Remember, you’re not the inventor of the wheel, or the internet. Learn from the wisdom of others—listen to people who came before, like the playwright George Bernard Shaw: “Some see things as they are and ask ‘Why?’ I see things as they could be and ask, ‘Why not?’” Shaw would have been a hell of a CEO.

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