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Health in the New Year


With mid-January in our rear view mirror, how is everyone doing so far on their New Year’s resolutions? Still sticking to them?

For those of you with “get in shape” still on your list of resolutions, we’ve consulted our three guide2athens fitness gurus, asking them each the same question….

What is your advice on the best approach to introducing (yoga / pilates / personal training) into someone’s fitness routine?

7943629144_055f2fa7ae yoga
Shannon & Debi from Five Points Yoga
We advise people who have never done any yoga to schedule a private session with one of us so that we can assess their ability and get to know them and what their goals might be. We would then take them through some of the basics that people need to know…such as how to breath correctly, what to expect in different classes and how to do some of the basic postures with correct alignment. Private sessions are $50 for one hour for one person or $75 for 2-3 people.
If a private session doesn’t fit their budget, then we would have them simply check out our website …there are directions and parking and a section for FAQ’s for people who are newer to yoga. Then they can contact us with further questions and recommendations for which class to start with based on their physical health and goals.

Five Points Yoga | 706.355.3114 | 1687 South Lumpkin Street
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Sarah service1
Sarah from STUDIO in Athens
My biggest piece of advice on introducing Pilates (or any new fitness routine) would be to find an instructor who is highly trained and well qualified to lead you to success. Your time, money, and the way you look, feel and move are in their hands—make sure they are qualified to handle it! It can be intimidating to try something new. Your Pilates trainer should lead you through a challenging workout, but you should feel successful when finishing. Nothing can derail your fitness plan like an injury…to your body or your ego. Talk with them beforehand about your current fitness level and discuss your goals. They should have the training, experience and motivation to create a customized plan to get you there!
Make a new year’s resolution into a year-round lifestyle by finding an activity that you love, have fun doing and makes you feel (not just look) better. Chances are you’ll stick with an activity or exercise program that you look forward to participating in and leaves you happier, healthier, more energized and motivated to return. Often, activities that engage the mind and body are less boring and can become a healthy addiction.

STUDIO in Athens | 678.596.2956 | 675 Pulaski Street Suite 1600
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Private Training:
Jerome Couture
Jerome from Couture Bodies
For the average person leaping onto the fitness horse, a good training program consists of exercises that work out the whole body. Exercise does NOT have to be all or nothing. Nor does it need to be an experience filled with pain. The goal should be to push yourself a little bit outside of your comfort zone. That challenge is needed and necessary for consistent weight/inch loss.
To avoid overwhelming yourself, set realistic goals/expectations. Saying you’ll hit the gym 7 days a week for the next 6 months leaves no room for error. 3-4 days will suffice. I preach more revolutions and less resolutions to my clients. Stick to one small physical activity goal and implement one small nutrition goal.

Couture Bodies | 706.224.1189 | 830 Hawthorne Avenue
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