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Revamp your wardrobe with FABULOUS finds at Agora!

Is your closet feeling a little too 2012 for your liking? Break from the mold and peruse all the unique and stunning options that Agora has too offer! Far from your average boutique, this vintage haven boasts everything from classic shoes to that fur coat you have always wanted but never let yourself buy! Check out just a few of their dashing pieces below:

This is a very rare authentic Louis Vuitton Griet! With this on your arm you will be sure to turn heads. A great size for any occasion, this classic piece is perfect for everyday and special events.

This stunning Chanel blazer is the perfect winter coat for a dawg fan! A timeless way to show your pride, this jacket will stand out among the crowd. Add a dash color to your dreary winter day!

Don’t you wish this was your jewelery collection at home? Agora has no shortage of one-of-a-kind pieces that will add the perfect touch to any outfit.

As the temperature drops, every woman is in need of a fabulous winter coat. With a fur this fanstastic keeping you warm, the only accessories you will need are snowflakes!

No closet is complete without a little black dress. Make sure your “LBD” is one-of-a-kind by shopping at Agora

You can never have too many incredible winter coats. This Chanel piece is everything Coco herself was – classic and timeless.

Come by and find a boot for every outfit! These wonderful California finds will go fast so don’t miss your chance!

Agora is filled to the brim with unique treasures that are guaranteed to get you compliments! Stop by their store on Clayton St in Downtown Athens and see for yourself. For more about sales and hot items check them out on facebook here

Dress for the year you want with Agora’s help!

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