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Get The Look: Fall fashion in Athens!

added on 10/21/2014 by Emory Kole

Fall is finally here- time to break out the sweaters, jeans, and boots! Most likely, we’re all a little bored of last year’s fall wardrobe and might find ourselves drooling over magazines and blogs showcasing the latest looks. Well, ne...

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Guide2: Fall Boots

added on 09/23/2014 by Kelly Lassing

I’m sure you all have heard about today being the autumn equinox, or, as we might call it, the first day of fall. And if you didn’t, I would bet this morning’s weather had you at least feeling like it! When I think of fall, a few...

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How-To: Parent's Weekend in Athens!

added on 09/04/2014 by Emory Kole

University of Georgia’s parents weekend is coming up in a few weeks, on September 19-21, the weekend of the Troy game. guide2athens is here to make it easy for you to plan a seamless weekend that makes both children and parents happy! Here&#...

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A sampling of spring fashion from Heerys Clothes Closet in downtown Athens, GA. Shop Clayton Street shop or Thanks to Katie for modeling and Mary Catherine Matheny and Cheri Leavy for photography and video and A. Armada for music. guid...

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