Dummies Guide to Buying Jewelry

As we are officially knee-deep in the holiday season, Patti Reed of JWR Jewelers knows just how busy it can be. In her world, everything certainly does sparkle. Jeweler and twenty-three-year owner, Patti welcomes all the seasonal shoppers looking for something special. But where does a jewel-shopping dummy turn when you may be out of your element? The local expert gives her two cents for these seekers.


1. Know the person for whom you are shopping.

Nothing is harder than an attempt at solo jewelry shopping than a total lack of context and personal taste. A guessing game is never good for purchases, particularly those for the investment of jewelry. There are so many styles and intricacies of jewelry, so try and have a very good understanding of what you may be going for.


2. For Engagement rings, “go for the biggie”.

We all know it is cuffing season and the confusion in an aspiring fiancé about to pop the question can be made easy if they remember that the boldness of the statement will surely appease any receiver. That being said, the sentiment and the thought combined with the variety at JWR Jewelers can help someone with a tight price range pick out an excellent and glowing selection.


3. Silver is great for the budget-minded person.

So often customers look past silver and its ability to gorgeously build a ring, necklace, or bracelet.


4. Personalization is always a nice touch.

From engraving monograms to short messages, the personal element involved is one that always adds a special extra touch and lifetime treasure.


5. Go early rather than later.

Though JWR Jewelers will be open the Sunday afternoon before Christmas (the 18th) for those last minute shoppers, Patti recommends that the difficulty in making decisions as well as potential for multiple visits or any modifications could set you back – and you want to be prepared.


6. Don’t get overwhelmed in the pricing.

There is a wide variety of offers at JWR Jewelers and ones that do not need to break your wallet.


7. There are a lot of combinations and ways to make a gift unique.

Between different types of gold, sharp whites, narrow vs. thin, colored stones, tints, and beyond, you are sure to find something. So don’t start thinking this is a cut-and-dry duty.


8. Embrace the seasonal favorites.

The widespread interest in rose gold is just the beginning for the current trends in jewelry shoppers this year. Start to explore and love the other picks in stacking, dainty necklaces, bar styles, arrows and drops, and more.


9. Know that pictures cannot always come to perfect fruition.

Patti notes that she receives so many customers with specifics of fine details that are often not durable. A ring with very small and tightly held diamonds may not endure. What people think they must have may not actually hold up. The good news: JWR Jewelers will give you the advice in order to make your visions come to fruition in the most sensible and beautiful ways.


10. You will always be good to go with something classic.

A thoughtful and gorgeous purchase does not have to be too “out there” in order to be a huge success when it’s opened. There is a reason that the simplistic class has stood the test of years.


11. Lastly, it is important you are comfortable with whom you are shopping.

At an independent local jeweler like JWR Jewelers, the trust involved in the process and ultimate purchase can truly be guaranteed. Local jewelers are a part of the community, who hold a wealth of experience. What JWR Jewelers also boasts, is its setting of the diamonds in store as well as continual upkeep, additions, maintaining, sizing, and general repairs. JWR Jewelers appreciates the close ties with the Athens community – and their gift giving. They are committed to offering the consultations and advice for those that are, in fact, jewelry dummies, as well as those well versed in the trade. Stop by to explore the cases of breathtaking pieces this holiday season!


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