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Em’s Kitchen: Behind the ‘Wich

With so many possible toppings, spreads, additions, substitutions, temperatures, and flavors, your sandwich debate could leave your head spinning. Lucky for us ‘wich-lovers, Em’s Kitchen helps us keep things basic.

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This breakfast and lunch spot, nestled inside Hawthorne Drugs, has crafted the best simple southern favorites for years. From pimento cheese, chicken salad, tuna salad, and roast beef classics, to daily specials, Em and her crew know how to make a sandwich remind you that simple really is better. Want to know the secret? It starts with the salads, which are made in-house daily, freshly sliced meats, which result in made-to-order heaven. They pride themselves on simple whole ingredients. From there, they know you will be satisfied. Another #insidersecret is the 1/4 pound chicken salad or pimento per sandwich. It’s allllll about the ratio. And to assist in a certain foreshadowing, these salads are also sold by the pound.

Choose from the classic menu, the more complex “favorites” (think a Reuben or Cuban), or the adventurous daily specials. Rae, at Em’s, told me customers even frequent some old specials as their order of choice. For instance a customer today ordered an egg salad BLT with honey mustard.

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So you’re sold on the sandwich, but don’t forget…

  • Breakfast & Brunch: egg plates, omelettes, waffles, pancakes, Debbie’s sausage balls (you’re going to have to come and see for yourself), muffins, scones, and more, oh my! Also biscuit…sandwiches.
  • Salads that are green: also available.
  • Coffee: carrying your cup of joe from Jittery Joes.
  • For the masses: catering, catering, catering! Em’s got your weddings, parties, and other events covered with trays, snacks, and more. They also boast a private dining room in the store when you need a mid-day meeting or gathering space for your plural ‘wiches.
  • For the “winter”: soups! Made in-house by Miss Debbie and loyally loved by many/all, enjoy your Brunswick stew, Athens-favorite Chicken Mull, and more specials galore. They are also available by the quart.
  • Sweets: hand-dipped ice cream, milkshakes, and Em’s “Ooey Gooey” bars…think a cakey lemon bar with cream cheese topping, available in multiple flavors. Enough said.
  • Bonus: **hot dawgs** you heard that right.


Even if the sammies don’t make your head spin, the number of menu choices here certainly will. Good new is, anything is a safe bet. Also give the pimento cheese BLT a try. I don’t think I even finished my question to Andrew before he responded that this was his favorite ‘wich. Cue the plans for tomorrow.

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