guide2: Your Friday Night Plans

So Friday afternoon rolls around after a busy week and it finally hits you: there is absolutely nothing on the agenda for the night. In many circumstances, this could be an acceptable situation. However, here in Athens, we see this as a crime against the local hotspots. Fret no more, we have a number of suggestions to turn this uneventful evening into another great one on your Classic City calendar.

The Rook & Pawn

Game night: Athens Edition. If you’re tired of playing the same dusty board games that sit in your closet year after year or even if you don’t even consider yourself a gaming connoisseur, you can undoubtedly have a great night at The Rook & Pawn board game cafe. Located downtown Athens and open from 11AM to 2AM on Friday and Saturday nights, this gem has more than enough to create a unique and exciting adventure to the end of your week. Take your pic of over 700 games while you share various snacks and an expansive bar menu. The old English pub atmosphere, the healthy (or unhealthy) competition, and the promising late night hours sitting around the tables will get your gaming spirit flowing.


UGA Performing Arts Center

If you pivot just slightly from the idea of board games, you can see in your Friday night future, a delightful experience at the UGA Performing Arts Center. This week and weekend, stop by to enjoy a spectacular performance from the University Theatre Studio Series entitled, “The Skin of Our Teeth”. “This Pulitzer Prize-winning classic comedy combines ridiculous farce, stark absurdism, pointed drama, and high theatrics as it follows a “typical” American family survives thousands of years of human history just by the skin of their teeth.” With tickets ranging from $7 to $12, and performance beginning at 8:00 PM, you’re looking at an easy plan for the night at the Cellar Theatre!



We’re fine with calling a Friday Movie Night but we would just rather do it at Ciné. This theater hosts a variety of films across cultures, time periods, and genres. Explore an independent production or a well-known cinematic hit. There is no telling the extent to which a film-lover (or non film-lover) can find something of interest here. You may even find yourself torn between selections. This weekend, choose from recently released American history drama, The Birth of a Nation, classic Halloween-season horror, The Silence of the Lambs, and famous action rescue, Sully. Your movie isn’t complete without a drink and snack from the BarCafé. NOW you’re set for a movie night.



The local artists and those aspiring/struggling can find themselves satisfied with an evening spent at the ARTini’s Art Lounge. Newbies are welcomed to sit, have a drink, and receive instruction to create your own masterpiece. Tonight, visitors will create a work of art called “South Fork of Eagle River, Alaska” (pictured below) starting at 7:00 PM. The weekend isn’t over with Friday night–Saturday at ARTini’s has you covered also. Stop by for All Ages Halloween Happy Hour and choose from a selection of holiday-inspired designs. *A nod to you late Halloween decorators*. Get online to reserve your spot now and grab your paintbrush and apron!


There is simply no reason to stay in out of sheer “inability to find something to do”. Channel your inner competitive gamer, film enthusiast, theater appreciator, and master with a paintbrush. Enjoy all that Athens can give you for a night well-spent in this awesome town!

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