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Outfit your Home with Festive Fall Decor for the Thanksgiving Holiday



It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving Day is just a week away! With this cold weather it’s hard not to mentally skip ahead to the winter holiday season, but Thanksgiving should not be overlooked – especially...

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Check Out CJ&L's Open House this Sunday



Start your holiday week off right with the Five Points Holiday Open House this Sunday. While you are there make sure to check out Chastain, Jenkins, & Leathers’ Open House for one of their listings, 285 Cherokee ...

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Stay warm this winter with a little help from Kinnucan's!



Okay, maybe a lot of help from Kinnucan’s. Their new location on the Oconee Connector is amazing! They have a humongous range of items including hats, vests, jackets, boots, coolers and more. We’ve all been a l...

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